Asia B2B media a gateway to unlimited marketing in Asia

Asia is the source of B2B media which offers lots of benefits to businesses.  Asia B2B Media includes various business advantages that include:



  • speedy and safe communications,
  • confirmed buyer and suppliers,
  • direct calculation of the business dealings of the company
  • variety of products with several offers and demands,
  • expediting of the competition,
  • the quick arbitration process,


All the aforesaid benefits and much more are just a click away. Here is a list of some of the most famous Asia B2B Media which are widely put into services in Asia. They support bolstering your business all around the world.


The B2B media are now becoming very popular. It involves online businesses along with other shops and offices. These outlets are inclined to focus on a particular division of the market. So, like other online business, the understanding of the target audience is very essential in B2B also.


Though each B2B site carries up and downs, you can choose the most suitable one for you. Here are the widely used B2B platforms which are now being used by a huge number of businesses to gain their position in global and home markets. Buy crores of products and services from the Asian countries using Asia’s fastest-growing B2B media.


Alibaba is a vibrant B2B media that offers online money transfer, online shopping, mobile business, e-commerce, online auction hosting, online shopping for the users. Numerous certified suppliers are using the portal for their business.

Trade wheel

For almost any e-commerce activity, the Trade wheel is a highly established platform. It helps about 500,000 listed users and supports them to grow their trade and industry in new horizons. As a maximum used B2B platform, it upholds quality and transparency among the traders. In order to ensure a reliable and cost-effective experience, it most often upgrades its database.  What makes it exclusive is that this B2B portal brings consumers and vendors under one roof. Everyday deals worth millions are being done at Trade wheel.


The name itself suggests the activities of the portal. TradeIndia is an Indian-based Asia B2B Media with its head office located in New Delhi. With its millions of recorded global users buying and selling goods in wholesale quantity It has become the prominent category that includes Health & Beauty, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, machinery, and Industrial Supplies.


Initiated in the year of 2004, DHGate is the primary Wholesale B2C Marketplace founded by Diane Wang, one of the founders of well-known Joyo known as the B2B brand in China. She was an expert in marketing and steering the marketing division Microsoft and Cisco in China. Since its commencement, it has been helping millions of happy customers across the world.


BeauteTrade has become one of the major B2B platforms that deal with cosmetics. It is an online trading platform dealing in the areas of the beauty, cosmetic, and personal care industry. Since they have devoted all their assets to one industry, they are having a huge number of reliable suppliers from all over the world. You can take the help of this portal to accomplish all your beautification and exquisiteness. It has helped millions and millions of cosmetic industry traders in receiving up-to-date products. BeauteTrade can be the best option for those who are related to cosmetics marketing.

If you want to make the most of your potential return on investment, then aim for a bigger long-term media drive. It may take time to be implemented, but it is expected to produce better results in the end. Once you get into advertising through Asia B2B Media it will be harder for you to stop.

Asia which has always been the fastest developing area of the world has the larger potential for businesses. By generating an effective profile and sponsoring your business through social media, you can reach a large number of potential audiences. It intensifies your customer base faster than the traditional procedures. Though, it is not just the businesses anticipating selling of products and services for the benefit of using the marketing technique Asian countries.

In order to get the largest possible return against your investment in the Asia B2B Media, it is very significant to get updated on the biggest market trends throughout the world for investing in the right place. It isn’t enough.  You need to be at the top of your rivalries. While Asia is dynamic, it has transmuted significantly over the years. Your online presence only can make you stay at the industry forefront.

Words of caution

While media coverage in Asia brings numerous benefits, it is not free from danger.  There are possibilities that your business may be badly affected if you are not well prepared for the bigger competition and market variations.

So, Asia B2B media is more than just a marketing platform for selling their goods and services. It is a business that includes promotion, public dealings, and selling different products in other Asian markets. In addition, it is a means of promoting awareness about the business through various media.